Information Technology: A Lucrative and Diversified Career Option

Sunday, December 15, 2013
Results of class 10th are a major breakthrough for most of the students. They help you decide about what next in terms of a professional career. Schools also use the result statistics to set cut-off percentages for various after-10th streams, such as Commerce, Medical Sciences, Non Medical and Arts.

In some cases it's not just the numbers that matter as many students have different choices irrespective of their scores. However a major portion of the crowd prepares for exams keeping in mind their preferable subjects. As medical sciences is a comparatively tough stream, a lot of students prefer non medical field.

The non medical field opens up great career avenues and most of the students opt for engineering domain after school. While it's really the results of entrance exams that decide the engineering specialization for students, a major chunk gets into IT domain. That's because information technology promises large number of opportunities due to the world going hi-tech now-a-days days.

These days it is difficult to imagine an organization that works without computers. In fact now-a-days even government offices have been digitalized which explains the prominence of computers. And because all companies work on computers, they would always need IT professionals who can maintain their databases, servers, security systems etc.

And so the demand for IT professionals is justifiable and evident too. Also, it is wise to know that technology is not a narrow field. It is rather as broad a domain as one can imagine. Information technology is a collection of several expertise areas and professionals opt for these domains as per their individual interests.

The list of several specializations one can obtain in IT sector is endless. A few broad categories in the area include Virtualization, Business Intelligence, Security / Hacking, Project Management, Web Design and Development etc. If we go by the name of hardware and software companies, there are again numerous. Some significant examples include Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, Citrix, Oracle, Zend, Adobe, Java, CompTIA, Check Point, Red Hat etc.

Going by examples, there are some professionals who opt to gain expertise in Cisco. These people would then go through several stages of learning the technology. Cisco has a well planned and systematic curriculum that educates students from level 1 going up to level 5, based on the individual's choice. The various levels include technologies related to routing, switching, security etc.

Coming to Virtualization, there are various tech players that offer solutions for Virtualization. These include Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat and Citrix. Amongst these, VMware is the one that is most broad and varied. For the same reason VMware courses are being highly recommended now-a-days as a lot of IT companies are looking for professionals with expertise in this area.

It is not just the above technologies that are sought-after in the industry. There are many more expertise areas that organizations hunt for. It is thus advisable for candidates to get complete knowledge about the scope and nature of these domains that should help them in selecting a favorable career option.


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