Carton, a Processing Technology Development Trend of (B) - Carton, Printed - Printing Industry

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Die cutting and creasing line processing Cutting knife and the indentation line installed in accordance with the first line of each piece of box-type knife the length of the cutting knife or indentation lines cut, bent into the appropriate length and shape of its special equipment main blade cutting machine, blade machine (machetes machine), blade punching machine (bridge cutter machine), machine blade cutting angle. China packaging industry to use more manual control process equipment Voltage Shaver Cutter line workers, are commonly used by foreign CAD system software tool for molding processing. To ensure the accuracy of die-making, CAD software can automatically calculate the cutting knife and the length and the bridge indentation line size, and send to the computer-controlled machine tool for grooving, cut, bend and cut. As a result of hydraulic machetes, liquid crystal display, hydraulic transmission, and cursor positioning tool can effectively ensure the accuracy of shape. Base mold (backing) technology Using a die cutter complete with the bottom mold, make packaging cartons (boxes) of the line more clearly, beautiful, and folded without wrinkles and cracks, box (box) shape more accurate. Domestic production base model with manual multi-mode fiber abroad is to use more insulation board base model, because fiber is very hard need special slot machine, fiber base model is only applicable to very long-living parts of the die plate indentation, For the short-term, cost too high. The bottom line of such paste-type mold, outlet fast, full line indentation resistance, high strength and India. With the development of our country believed that the traditional end of module will be replaced by the advanced indentation system. Materials development Cutting tool directly determines the quality of the end of time and cutting up the quality, speed and frequency. Creasing the quality of the wire determines the degree of indentation of the fine, and the speed of automatic folder gluer significant effect. After a series of high-quality die-cutting knife is made of the processing technology. Po to take the company, such as Austria, as the market leader in die-cutting knife, cutting knife continued commitment to technology development, and development of different objects with different hardness cutting different shapes of the cutting blade knife. Recently, the company for many tobacco, food boxes, medicine boxes to the cutting of the long version, clean, high quality requirements, but also timely introduction of a super supreme knife, its blade is characterized by inward convergence, can sustained to maintain excellent The cut through the performance, to minimize the fluff, from silk and other phenomena, a new "king of cutting knife." The development of cutting equipment Die die-cutting machine according to the form can be divided into rotary, round flatten, flatten three types. At present, the cutting and processing various types of equipment, localization has taken shape, and in constant development to improve. Die Cutting Machine will be high speed, high precision, fully automatic, multi-direction. Foreign advanced automatic platen die cutting machines were powered by a programmable controller and touch screen human-machine dialogue control, mechanical drive system with pneumatic clutch and torque most of the security controller, the production speed of up to 12,000 / hour, cutting accuracy ± 0.1mm. Automatic registering device can effectively improve the cutting accuracy. In addition to centralized control by computer, without stopping the machine to the paper and receive automatic paper positioning technology, advanced automatic platen die cutting machine also has automatic stripping, automatic separation of box-chip functions. Domestic die-cutting machine products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low level of domestic enterprises to use the high-grade die-cutting machine is still mostly imported products. Strict limits on the device behind the development of domestic cutting process, so is the development of high-speed die-cutting machine finishing equipment, a major breakthrough innovation. Pre-printed web development needs of rotary printing die cutting machine production line transport production to assembly line form of production, not only can improve the printing, die cutting, creasing precision positioning register, you can also control the roll tension changes, thus ensuring the correct pattern register. Web-fed rotary printing and die cutting production line with high efficiency, speed, high precision die cutting, total pressure of a small, smooth motion, It is the packaging carton

Distance PhD in Information Technology - Road to Success

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Distance PhD in Information Technology - Road to success
It is hardly impossible to imagine a business corporation without computers and the technological equipments. Any organization cannot run the business without the use of information technology. With the advent of technology, world has become a small place to live in, and hence, many people are interested in studying about the information technology and its applications in daily life. The career in Information Technology has many roads that lead one to the professional success.
The PhD in IT prepares the candidate for the leadership in the fast-growing field of information technology, while adding to the body of knowledge in the IT discipline through the candidate’s doctoral research. In addition to this, many institutions and Universities around the world provide distance education programs in Information Technology. The distance learning courses are specially designed for the working executives and entrepreneurs who wish to upgrade their educational qualification without disturbing their ongoing job or business.
This program, provides the candidate with the knowledge about the skills and competencies related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in the area of the study. Through, a candidate can work on the original research work related to information security, network architecture and many more and can thus, contribute to the academic world of Information technology.
Jaro Education’s help is candidate’s success
Jaro Education provide complete support and does complete handholding right from enrollment till the degree is been awarded. This degree provides better recognition and elevates the social prestige. Also, the chances of getting the best job based on one’s qualification increases globally. Jaro Education in collaboration with a UGC-DEC recognized University from India offers distance programs in many specializations and Information Technology is one of them.
The enrolled candidate gets assistance in synopsis preparation, getting the articles published in the journals related to the subject of specialization, thesis preparation and viva proceedings. The guide is provided who supports the student right from selection of a topic for research to the final preparation of thesis. Additionally, the guide also signs the copy of synopsis, thesis and research work done by the researcher and this certifies that the work is original.
Career Options in IT
The common jobs include faculty member, senior consultant, lead systems analyst, systems administrator, director of IT, VP of IT or chief officer. Potential workplaces include: corporation, government agency, technology firm, health care organization and IT consulting firm.

6 Must Have Technologies for Every Event Planner

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When you casually go up to an event planner and ask about what kind of technology they use at their events, their expected reply would be using big screens, or projectors in between the sessions. Certainly those things are important, but when it comes to event planning technology, they have just reached the ‘tip of the iceberg’!

Sadly, several event planners (apart from those who are tech savvy) shy away at the mention of the word ‘technology’. They may be aware about some new technologies, but they do not make use of them on a regular basis; thereby missing out on remarkable opportunities.

The downside being if you do not embrace the current trends in technology for all your events and stage systems, your audience, or clients will dig ways to use the technology on their own! So, the sooner you befriend technology; better chances of your event coming under the spotlight.

Let’s look through some of the must have technologies, to be used while planning your next event-

Before the start of your event, communicate with your speakers, via Google Hang out It is important to communicate your goals to the speaker (s), before the start of the event. Gone are the days to interact using telephone, or email. Now is the time for Google Hangout, where up to ten people can come together for a video conference. This will build the rapport between the speakers and the whole team.

Make use of social media to promote your event

As soon as the event nears the date, start tweeting about it on Twitter, and add cool and interesting status updates about it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Splash interactive videos all over the social media and garner publicity, to encourage people to register and show up for the event.

Make mobile friendly event materials

Printed event materials are passé! Introduce your program and handouts on a PDF format. This will make it convenient for the audience to get the materials on their tablet, or smartphone. Now, worrying about losing shreds of paper is history, instead, release your creative side and create a mobile app for the event- an easier and less expensive way.

Internet access is a must during the event

A lot of hotels provide free internet access, but they do not provide it for free in the conference rooms. Due to this, several event planners think not to use internet altogether. Big mistake! If your audience can’t get access to the internet, post a tweet, or check their email, soon enough they will leave the conference room to do it- and possibly, they may never return. The sign of a great event is when the audience can interact and communicate freely with each other.

Implement an audience response system

It is a whole different ballgame to want the audience to participate. Leave the boring interaction techniques like raising your hand, or talking to the person next to you techniques behind. Instead use the audience response system, or the voting keypad system. Turning the passive audience into active audience is the best way to make the event a hit.

Keep the phones switched on during the event

Yes, you heard it right! Allow the audience to keep their smart phones switched on. Further to that encourage them to interact with the speaker through text messages. This will make the event spontaneous and alive. They can ask questions and get them answered right away, during the event.


Technology must not be used just because a certain technology is trending, or it is cool. It must rather be used wisely to upgrade your stage systems and event business. With technology, you can carve your route to an enhanced and successful event.