Distance PhD in Information Technology - Road to Success

Friday, June 7, 2013
Distance PhD in Information Technology - Road to success
It is hardly impossible to imagine a business corporation without computers and the technological equipments. Any organization cannot run the business without the use of information technology. With the advent of technology, world has become a small place to live in, and hence, many people are interested in studying about the information technology and its applications in daily life. The career in Information Technology has many roads that lead one to the professional success.
The PhD in IT prepares the candidate for the leadership in the fast-growing field of information technology, while adding to the body of knowledge in the IT discipline through the candidate’s doctoral research. In addition to this, many institutions and Universities around the world provide distance education programs in Information Technology. The distance learning courses are specially designed for the working executives and entrepreneurs who wish to upgrade their educational qualification without disturbing their ongoing job or business.
This program, provides the candidate with the knowledge about the skills and competencies related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in the area of the study. Through, a candidate can work on the original research work related to information security, network architecture and many more and can thus, contribute to the academic world of Information technology.
Jaro Education’s help is candidate’s success
Jaro Education provide complete support and does complete handholding right from enrollment till the degree is been awarded. This degree provides better recognition and elevates the social prestige. Also, the chances of getting the best job based on one’s qualification increases globally. Jaro Education in collaboration with a UGC-DEC recognized University from India offers distance programs in many specializations and Information Technology is one of them.
The enrolled candidate gets assistance in synopsis preparation, getting the articles published in the journals related to the subject of specialization, thesis preparation and viva proceedings. The guide is provided who supports the student right from selection of a topic for research to the final preparation of thesis. Additionally, the guide also signs the copy of synopsis, thesis and research work done by the researcher and this certifies that the work is original.
Career Options in IT
The common jobs include faculty member, senior consultant, lead systems analyst, systems administrator, director of IT, VP of IT or chief officer. Potential workplaces include: corporation, government agency, technology firm, health care organization and IT consulting firm.


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