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Monday, November 25, 2013
Software development has always been the priority to several companies since ages. It has a wide spectrum and a vivid technologies. In fact, software engineering has now been a course of study. A software development company undergoes many procedures and methodologies. Some follow a traditional procedure, some pounce upon new technologies. Few companies rely on custom self web development.

The procedures and methodologies vary for different companies. It has been noticed that there is hardly any company which follows the traditional approach or the classical methodologies. This is probably due to the demand of need. The more customer or a client demands the more comes the necessity to focus on quality and hence the software development companies look for better quality, robustness and user friendly development platform.

However, the standard procedure they follow is the software development life cycle (SDLC). The SDLC has many models in the classical approach like Prototype Models, Waterfall Model, Spiral Model, Iterative Waterfall Model. Each model has a specific and different procedures to develop a software. The most used SDLC models for a software company is the Iterative Waterfall Model.

The senior development team can approach to client/customer specially for outsourcing projects at every step of development or programming.
The basic things that most companies do follow are-

1. Focusing on Interface- Interface is the first thing that impresses a customer or a client. Many loopholes of the software can be made hidden due to good interface design. It takes months to conclude a design or screen flow after hearing about the requirement.

2. The programming structure- Many companies specially the software development companies do follow a specific programming structure. The programming structure includes

Nomenclature of a file name or programming objects- This is used by the company to retrieve programming files or source code whenever required

The commenting structure- When a software is made or developed by a huge group of teams, to track records of the work for the individual developer commenting system is done. Some software development companies do often put the name of developer and place of development as "@author" or "@place" respectively.

The testing mindset- Companies look for the developer who has a testing mindset. This mindset helps the developer to be more concentric and specific about the code or program also helps the tester to find less errors.

3. The modular development- This is the main reason that why a software development company chooses Itereative Waterfall Model. In Itereative Waterfall Model the company can get back to the client or customer at every step and do not proceed until the decision from the both ways is finalized.

4. Seeking New Technologies- Sometimes it happens that a client does not mention what technology to use. It is from the company side who decides what should be the best technology to be used for best performance and quality of the software and hence they always keep on track on upcoming technologies.

5. Prompt attention- Nowadays the companies do give a prompt attention to their clients. Sometimes they develop even on the client side to get more feedback and conclude decisively.

Thus through the ages even now software companies do search on for better performance and better productivity which resulted it as a course of study.


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