Creating Tourism Technology Course

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Creating Tourism Technology Course is a course that encompasses all social, value-adding, managerial, and cultural activities of the tourism industry. Tourism Technology courses also incorporates and encourages technological advancements and economic development in the tourism industry.Tourism Technology courses based on the concept of cultural activities, is more comprehensive term covering knowledge used to add to the value of tourism technology on a micro level and the management of the tourism industry on a macro level. New tourism products are also the end result of tourism technology combining with other industries.
The term "technology" can easily call to mind scientific achievements, computer graphic skills, special effects and other engineering-related images."Tourism Technology" encompasses the integrated fields mentioned in the previous paragraph, managerial and socio-cultural know-how, statistics, and skills that the tourism industry can adopt to produce, design, and market various tourism products. In addition to coordinating various aspects of human resources in the travel and tourism industry, “Tourism Technology” describes a comprehensive field containing but not limited to such widely referred to subjects as entertainment technology, contents technology and creative technology.
Tours is an industry, which has been growing since years and has a major role to play in the economic development of the country. It explains the tourism product and its complexity. It gives the result in addition to the global dimension of tourism. It explain the different types of players, there role and tasks, and will also identify underlying consumer and market trends. These courses include medical tourism, agricultural tourism, educational tourism, marine tourism and the application of information technology.
Tourism is one of the most successful and dynamic technology in the world, and it is constantly evolving. Technology is being used to enhance tourism technology courses such as travel booking, itinerary planning, information sharing, destination marketing. The current Creating Tourism Technology Course rely on static information such as web site to create tourism courses. This course discusses the purpose of developing tourism ontology and proposes a model to develop intelligent tourism technology.
The Creating Tourism Technology Course provide an understanding semantic Web and ontology. It introduces various exiting travel ontology and technology. It describes a process model for developing e-tourism applications. These tourism policies and strategies should be based on effective tourism. Career in Tourism and traveling is touching heights day by day, with the concept of globalization coming into practice. More number of people is visiting different places, for entertainment or for business, which further adds to the growth of the country.
The Creating Tourism Technology Course provides facilities for user to make hotel reservation, book flight tickets, and hire cars easily. The technology uses intuitive interfaces using rich Internet technology. It suggests that e-tourism all business processes, the entire value chain as well as the strategic relationships of tourism institutes with all their stakeholders. The heterogeneous, intangible and perishable nature of tourism technology distinguishes them from other industrial sectors and explains the importance of technologies in this industry. Travel Technology plays a crucial role for selling online, which may also be referred as a Hospitality or Tourism Technology. Tourism industry is all about connecting different people and culture with the help of new technology.


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